Monster Hunter World Beta Happening This Weekend, Here's What We'll Get


The Beta will be exclusively available on PlayStation 4 and only for those who have a PlayStation Plus subscription active.

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Finally, by completing any of the three beta quests, you'll earn one Face Paint that can be used to customise your character in the full game.

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Certain online features found in the final game, says Capcom, will not be available during the beta: namely, the ability to join midway through a quest and to remove other players from a quest, as well as friend invites and Guild Cards. At their disposal will be a set of 14 different weapon types and players will no doubt find one that will suit their playstyle, which, as Capcom notes, "you can now change during quests at camp". The first two missions will be in the Ancient Forest, where beginners can try to hunt down the Great Jagras while more experienced players can look to take down the Anjanath. Most recently, we learned about some PS4 exclusive goodies, apparantly including an exclusive beta that goes live this weekend. The third mission is in the Wildspire Waste where players can traverse the swamplands to do battle against the Barroth. Potions and other supplies will be provided on quests during the beta, but you'll have to fetch your own food and drinks outside the game for those long gameplay sessions.

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Capcom has also released an extensive trailer for Monster Hunter: World. You will receive rewards in the game, so make sure you're using the same SEN account if you do plan on getting the full game when it's released. Check out almost 10 minutes of characters, story, monsters, and gameplay below. 2018 with a PC version planned for later.