The viral challenge that people are falling over themselves to try


Several people are trying this and recently a high school cheer leader - identified as Ariel - accepted this challenge and left people on social media stunned.

It might sound easy - there's nothing there - but it takes a fair amount of skill and strength to create the illusion there is a box present. Those who can't are sharing even funnier videos showing them royally failing at it.

The Invisible Box Challenge may be a new internet sensation, but it has been around for a number of years. Reddit user TroyKing said two years ago that he taught himself to step over an invisible object by first using a real one.

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Once you have warmed up and practiced treading lightly over a real box, you're ready to try with no prop.

In case that wasn't clear, the trick simply requires a person to imagine a box in front of them, "step over it" and then walk forward. "It's hard to explain, I just keep the leg in the same exact spot", she said.

Some have performed the trick to perfection such as Anderson University football player Dontez Hines and Manvel High School cheerleader Ariel. It's actually kind of challenging keeping it there.

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Even though many on social media have mastered the trick, others, not so much.

Called the "Invisible Box Challenge", it involves normal people like you and us to pretend to step on a non-existent box with one foot and then leap over it with the other foot. What about you though? Tell us what happens in the comments section below.

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