IPhone X Plus: More details emerge about plans for 2018 iPhones


We've heard rumors that Apple's 2018 iPhone lineup will primarily consist of handsets featuring an edge-to-edge iPhone X design, but not all might feature that handset's glass back or OLED display.

That budget LCD model with the metal back is said to come in several colors like the existing aluminum iPhones.

Apple is also rumored to be launching two other iPhone moels next year.

Regarding the OLED supply deal for Apple's iPhone X, nothing has been set in detail.

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The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus sport LCD panels. Apple's new iPhone will also revert to aluminium chassis that means that no wireless charging will be offered. Nikkei says Apple is reluctant to switch entirely to OLED in 2018 due to the fear of becoming over-reliant on Samsung. People were quick to judge Apple's decision as displays on iPhones are easily prone to damage, and now there's glass on both sides only to increase that risk. Comparatively, OLED panels deliver more saturated colors and truer black tones.

The same source revealed that Pegatron subsidiary Casetek could become the supplier of the metal backs for the 6.1-inch iPhone units.

Apple's latest flagship - iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus - came with minor design tweaks compared to their predecessors and the biggest change was the glass unibody design. Casetek has close links with its parent company.

Rumours of Apple's next-generation iPhones are already floating around and a new report suggests that Apple is planning to release a more affordable iPhone model next year. "We think the specs of 6.5" OLED and 5.8" OLED new iPhones are mostly the same as those on iPhone X (5.8" OLED), except for the screen size and the support of dual physical SIM cards of the 6.5" iPhone".

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If you're skipping an iPhone upgrade this year for a much-advanced iPhone next year, will you go with the LCD or OLED variant? The 5.8-inch OLED iPhone would offer a pixel density of 458ppi, same as the current iPhone X. The 6.5-inch OLED iPhone would have a pixel density of 480-500ppi.

The LCD iPhone, meanwhile, will cost between $650 and $900.

Ming-Chi Kuo told investors that the next year's LCD iPhone would borrow a few elements from the iPhone X. It would ditch the Touch ID fingerprint reader for the new TrueDepth camera that enables Face ID and Animoji.

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