Marvel Picks New Wolverine Richard Armitage; Where Will 'The Hobbit' Star Appear?


Marvel Entertainment has announced that Richard Armitage will be the second Hollywood leading man to play the Wolverine - but this time, in a podcast.

Marvel officially picks a new Wolverine. The series kicks off with a 10-episode season, premiering on Stitcher's premium service, where it will be an exclusive until it makes its way to other platforms in the fall.

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The podcast is a way for Marvel to expand its popular characters.

After conquering film, comics, books, TV and even gaming, Marvel is now setting its eyes on scripted podcasting. Described as a "hybrid of mystery and the larger-scale fantasy", the show has managed to attract a few big-name actors. "Part of the series is him recovering those memories and despite his attempts to separate himself from society, getting drawn into a situation where frontier justice is called for".

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Meanwhile, Percy teased that "Wolverine: The Long Night" imbibes the classic true-crime format. Logan showed that Wolverine is defined more by his trauma than his role as a superhero, making him the ideal character to test the waters of a comic character outside of a visual medium.

Titled Wolverine: The Long Night, this first scripted podcast from Marvel will feature the heavyweight vocal talents of Richard Armitage (The Hobbit), Scott Adsit (30 Rock), Bob Balaban (Moonrise Kingdom, Waiting for Guffman), Brian Stokes Mitchell (Mr. Robot, Frasier), and Ato Essandoh (Django Unchained, Jason Bourne).

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"It's very easy to turn up the volume on reality there". I'm also drawing from the Native legends in the area and from cultish mythology. Thankfully, Marvel and Stitcher have enlisted what looks to be an equally capable production team for the project, including comic writer Ben Percy, director Brendan Baker and sound designer Chloe Prasinos, who worked on Reply All for Gimlet, prior to joining up. There will also be a cameo from the host of the Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People podcast, Chris Gethard.