PUBG Desert Map Name and Features Revealed


Luckily, the game's second map will be hitting PUBG prior to the game's full release later this month. In creating it, the authors would like to map significantly different from Arangala - site available in the current version PUBG.

The map features a portion of beach towns overlooking the sea, but most of the action will take place inland.

PUBG Desert Map Name and Features Revealed
PUBG Desert Map Name and Features Revealed

The exact location of the three supply drops and other pertaining information, such as the passwords to unlock them with, will be revealed by Microsoft through the official Xbox Australia Facebook page very soon.

PUBG Corporation promises that players will be able to play in Miramar during "the final test round" before PUBG 1.0 launches, although no further details are given. Instead of lush fields and forest, Miramar is harsh desert.

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We've known that the desert map was coming for a little while now. With new locales, unfamiliar terrain, and new mechanics, veterans and new players alike will have to learn the intricacies of the map from scratch.

The changes aren't just cosmetic, the developers hope the new map will "create a new Battle Royale experience where the old strategies may no longer work and new tactics are required".

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Anyway, judging by the description, the location has turned out that is necessary - there is also a casino, and abandoned factories, unfinished houses, and a railway station.

There is Los Leones, which serves as the central commercial hub of the map. The city also has a "death bowl" where players can put their motorcycle skills to the test.

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