State Dems: Rural Wisconsin Suffers Most if FCC Dumps Net Neutrality


"An investigation by my office has revealed that this process has been deeply corrupted". This could mean that on December 14, if the FCC carries out its vote to reclassify ISPs and kill net neutrality, the internet as we know it will end.

"At today's news conference, they didn't identify a single comment relied upon in the draft order as being questionable".

The internet can be broken down into several Internet Service Providers (ISPs) including Verizon, Comcast and Spectrum, said STLCC Senior Web Designer Ben Shasserre.

The fight over fake comments is a new front in a almost year-long long tussle over whether a rollback of landmark Internet regulations will hurt or help consumers.

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Against Me!, Bassnectar, Colin Hay, Atmosphere, the Glitch Mob and Run the Jewels' Trackstar the DJ were also among the signers of the open letter, which argued that killing net neutrality would allow "telecom giants" to monopolize internet access as well as be the arbiters of what is accessible.

Pai's argument against net neutrality is that the law allows the government to "micromanage the internet". But groups on both sides started to notice many were fakes. However, all the internet service providers in America aren't available in every single community. While many of these comments were spam or came from form letters, 98.5 percent of the unique comments were opposed to the agencies new bill. Many people only have one option to access the internet.

Lawmakers and consumers have called to delay the vote next week, but the FCC has decided a vote will still happen, prompting the city to join dozens of elected officials to express strong opposition to the FCC's proposal.

Despite heavy consumer backlash, it appears the FCC may vote to end net neutrality.

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If you disagree with regulating the internet like a utility, try starting and thriving as a small, local business in late 2017 without fair internet access.

So, what is net neutrality and why are people so worked up about it?

Pai himself has been openly critical of what he believes are burdensome regulations and an overreach of the FCC's power. The FCC is scheduled to vote next week on a proposed rollback of those rules.

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