Weight Can In Fact Reverse Type 2 Diabetes, Study Shows


Nearly nine out of 10 people (86 per cent) who lost 15kg or more, put their type 2 diabetes into remission. "Our findings suggest that even if you have had type 2 diabetes for six years, putting the disease into remission is feasible", University of Glasgow professor Michael Lean, co-lead researcher, explained to The Guardian. They could revolutionise the way type 2 diabetes is treated. More than half - 57% - of those who lost between 10 and 15kg - 28 - also went into remission. Forty-six percent of participants in the test group reversed their diabetes and went into remission, while only 4% of the control group saw their diabetes go away.

"DiRECT is telling us it could be possible for as many as half of patients to achieve this in routine primary care, and without drugs". So far more than 250,000 have joined and results show that 60 per cent of people with type 2 diabetes were able to stop using insulin following the program.

Type 2 diabetes may not have to last forever.

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Roy Taylor, a professor at Newcastle University in the United Kingdom who co-led the study said in a statement announcing the findings that the impact that diet and lifestyle has on diabetes are "rarely discussed". He said: "It is actually cheaper than some of the drugs prescribed for Type 2 diabetes". One that doesn't really on expensive medications or invasive surgery, but instead, on improved diet and lifestyle - which could also be beneficial in managing and preventing a number of other chronic conditions which are affected by weight.

"The weight loss goals provided by this programme are achievable for many people". But it's important that anyone with Type 2 diabetes considering losing weight in this way seeks advice from a health professional'. "The big challenge is long-term avoidance of weight re-gain". The level of remission depended on the level of weight loss, said the researchers. Professor Taylor said: 'Substantial weight loss results in reduced fat inside the liver and pancreas, allowing the organs to return to normal function'.

The initial findings come from an ongoing trial study called DiRECT (Diabetes Remission Clinical Trial), which aims to find an effective accessible way to put type 2 diabetes into remission long-term.

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Dr Emily Burns, Diabetes UK acting head of research communications, said: 'Thanks to ground-breaking research like DiRECT we're beginning to change the conversation around Type 2 diabetes, and that's a conversation that Global Positioning System can have with their patients as well.

Type 2 diabetes remission was found to be closely related to weight loss.

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