Texas Mother Arrested For Forcing 'Healthy' Son To Undergo 13 Surgeries


Kaylene Bowen, 34, from Dallas, US, took her son Christopher to hospital 323 times while she announced on Facebook her son had cancer.

According to him, Ms Bowen would tearfully tell judges: "The father doesn't need to be around because he doesn't know to take care of him".

Christopher Bowen, 8, was thought to be a frail and sick child.

Investigators say they believe Kaylene Bowen's case is one of Munchausen syndrome by proxy, which doctors describe as a mental illness, where a caregiver makes up an ailment in order to gain attention or sympathy; often, the caregiver will cause the symptoms of a disorder, bringing even more harm to the afflicted person, commonly a child or someone who is elderly.

Ryan claims his former partner has also raised thousands of dollars for Christopher's alleged cancer battle and other surgeries.

Kaylene Bowen's son, who is now eight years old, underwent 13 unnecessary major surgeries, say police.

Ms Bowen even started crowdfunding pages to aid in the child's medical treatments and operations.

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"She started explaining to the judge that the doctors stated my son would never walk", Crawford said.

Christopher's father, Ryan Crawford, told NBC that he believes Kaylene has been lying about the boy's symptoms and medical condition for years. Christopher is in foster care, and Crawford is seeking custody.

Bowen remains in Dallas County jail on $150,000 bond following her December 6 arrest.

CPS removed him from Bowen-Wright's care last month after it was alerted by a Dallas hospital where medical staff determined he didn't have cancer or numerous symptoms Bowen reported.

"How do you do 13 surgeries and not question the fifth surgery?"

Ryan Crawford is now seeking custody of the boy.

The child had been placed on oxygen and, at times, used a wheelchair. But in 2015, Dr. Michelle Thomas reached out to CPS in a letter stating that Bowen may have been exposing Christopher to medical child abuse.

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"He looked as if nothing had ever happened to him", Crawford said after visiting his son.

The complaint prompted a CPS review and criminal investigation.

"I need my son in my life and my son needs me in [his] life".

Since being removed from Bowen's household, Christopher is said to be doing much better.

Crawford says he feels partially to blame for not putting a stop to the visits years ago.

It's horrific to think that a mother would put her own child through so many serious medical procedures for no reason, and that through it all, the system would completely ignore the father's concerns.

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