Microsoft's Latest Foldable Design Patent Could Be For The Surface Phone


Microsoft has filed a patent for a foldable dual-screen notebook which is quite like the companys "Courier" concept - a booklet PC which was first reported in 2008 and then cancelled in 2010. The Redmond giant's patent uncovers a lot of intricate details about how the hinge works.

A new patent filed by the company's engineers suggests that this could indeed be the direction the forthcoming Surface might be heading in.

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The supposed ultramobile Surface's aren't unseen ideas, however: Lenovo's Yoga Book already uses its second half as a reconfigurable space, which can either be used as a software keyboard or a canvas to draw on. Possibly, it could be a 2-in-1 device, which will be more than just a smartphone.

A couple of patents for the foldable device has been published by Microsoft so far, all of which revolve around the hinge design of the device.

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From the image above it's obvious that the device in question here has two separate screens which are connected to each other by the said "self-regulating hinge", thus allowing for the device to be folded flat. However, this new patent filing nowhere shows a stylus with the device.

Additionally, the foldable tablet could come with telephony capabilities. But seeing as how Microsoft has pushed Windows Ink support onto a wide range of systems this year, it's possible a device like this could include that sort of functionality.

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Another interesting element from the patent is the suggestion that the two glass sides can be folded, with the radius of the edges eliminating the fold, but clearly leaving a dip or crease. And regardless of the mode that the tablet is in, Windows 10 will make the proper adjustment using CShell, Microsoft's new Windows Shell. But a few sections in the document also describe how such a device could include a processor that would generate different interfaces for a device's multiple displays.