Grenfell Six Months On: A Survivor's Story


The service remembered the victims, showed solidarity with the bereaved and the survivors (many of whom are still living in temporary accommodation) and paid tribute to rescue workers, volunteers, and the public support that has been shown in the wake of the tragedy.

Clutching their flowers and photos, they paused for a moment, staring out at the bank of photographers and journalists stationed opposite.

Adele appeared at St Paul's Cathedral, along with a number of grievers, including the families and friends of the victims as well as former residence of the building, to remember what happened on 14 June earlier this year.

Also present was Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and Prime Minister Theresa May, who entered through a side door, rather than the main entrance.

The service took place today (December 14) at St Paul's Cathedral.

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It's been six month since the tragic Grenfell fire that killed 71.

He said: "As we come to the end of this hard year, as we celebrate Christmas, as we move into a new year, nothing can remove the memory of that night - nor do we want to forget those dearly loved people who were lost".

Carey Mulligan, Marcus Mumford and Adele attend a Grenfell Tower Memorial Service.

They were joined by members of the community from the Kensington and Chelsea borough, as well as politicians and representatives of the royal family.

Emma Dent Coad, a lawmaker for the neighbourhood, said "emotions are still very raw" and the service was a "recognition that people from all walks of government are going to come down and grieve with them".

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Prince William was pictured shortly after the disaster in June embracing Fatima Jafari as he ditched royal protocol to comfort her during a visit to an emergency shelter.

Mourners hold photos of victims and white roses.

The Prince of Wales, Duchess of Cornwall, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry were among the high-profile guests who attended to pay their respects, six months on from the fire.

People gather on the steps after a Grenfell Tower National Memorial Service.

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