LG announces 65-inch OLED TV that rolls up like paper


If there is an LG air purifier in the room, users can even ask the TV to switch it on. What actually we have meant here is that this is the television of our futurity, likewise, CES played host to HD screens and 4K displays before they went on to the market actually.

LG Display's demo showed a couple of neat uses of the tech: with the press of a button, the TV would sink down just enough to shift its aspect ratio from 16:9 to the cinematic 21:9, meaning you can enjoy your ultrawide movies without the need for any black bars at all.

This gives it the freedom to roll up and be stored away.

LG announces 65-inch OLED TV that rolls up like paper
LG announces 65-inch OLED TV that rolls up like paper

The prices and the availability details of the "rollable" TV have also not been revealed, making it clear that the appliance is still in the "prototype" stages.

The firm is also set to show off its new 88-inch 8K OLED display and Crystal Sound OLED technology, which 'makes sound emanate directly from the panel'. For now the company is sticking with curved AMOLED screens on smartphones and QLED panels in TVs.

The unofficial first day of the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas was a big day in the world of TVs - of all shapes and sizes.

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More information is set to come when CES officially opens up tomorrow.

The LG ThinQ Speaker uses Google Assistant to let users control other connected LG devices at home with their voice. LG announced ThinQ as its global artificial intelligence (AI) brand that's based on three characteristics - the ability to evolve, integrate with everyday products and be open to work with others.

Finally, Tim Alessi, Vice President Marketing, talked about LG's new OLED and Super UHD TVs for 2018. New features include support for higher frame rates (HFR) up to 120fps, 4K Cinema HDR which will support Dolby Vision, Advanced HDR by Technicolor, HLG and HDR 10.

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There will be five models in the series, ranging from 55-77 inches.

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