Mobile's aggressive new smartphone promo includes high-profile iPhone X


One day after announcing that it added almost two million customers in the final months of 2017, T-Mobile has some more good news to share.

And once again it's taking the lead in what is typically a sleepy post-holiday first quarter.

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To qualify for a BOGO deal, you'll need to purchase two of the aforementioned phones on a T-Mobile Equipment Installment Plan (EIP), port in a number, and trade in an old handset.

If you'd prefer a more premium device, T-Mo is offering a Buy One, Get $700 Off deal on the iPhone 7 Plus (128GB and 256GB), iPhone 8 (256GB), iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X. Android fans can Buy One, Get $750 Off a Samsung Galaxy S8+, Galaxy S8 Active, or Galaxy Note 8. There's no word as to when the BOGO deal ends, but T-Mobile said it will only be available for a "limited time". And T-Mobile is taking specific aim at Verizon subscribers. It will pay off any remaining amount due, up to Dollars 650, on 13 popular smartphones, including the Apple iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S8, if the customer switches to the T-Mobile One Plus plan. "So, you don't see-we haven't seen so far extravagant aggressive promotional activity across the sector".

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T-Mobile is pitching the deal as get a free iPhone 8 with the purchase of another eligible iPhone.

"No question, all eyes remain on 1Q promotions, which rocked the market a year ago (especially with iPhone X supply now adequate for a full quarter)", DeutscheBank analysts wrote in a research note earlier this week.

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