Costs soar to $33 billion for Trump's US-Mexico border wall


On Tuesday, Trump told a group of congressional lawmakers that he'd be willing to sign a "clean DACA bill" as long as it also covered border security. The question is, will Donald Trump accept their pantomime, or will he decisively cast the veto - or hammer out a deal for clear and present border security - that brings America fully awake, proving at a stroke that he is indeed the president he promised to be.

During a news conference at Camp David on Saturday, President Trump made clear that he is unwilling to talk about providing legal protections for the almost 800,000 Dreamers in the country unless Democrats agree to spend tens of billions of taxpayer dollars on a border wall.

During his campaign, Trump promised to build a "huge and lovely wall" with Mexico, but he has provided few details about dates, cost and location.

President Donald Trump has been promising to build a "big, handsome wall" along our southern border ever since he descended that escalator more than two years ago, announcing his candidacy.

"We hope that we're going to be able to work out an arrangement with the Democrats", he said said Saturday.

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Trump said in the past there would be no new DACA deal without funding for his border wall. Trump said Saturday these included included national security, infrastructure, military funding and immigration.

But we have tremendous numbers of people and drugs pouring into our country.

"We all want DACA to happen but we also want great security for our country", Trump said during the news briefing at Camp David.

"There would be a government shutdown over the wall if Senate Democrats, who are in the minority, blocked the new bill needed to fund the federal government when the law now funding the federal government expires on January 19", he said.

Trump noted the upcoming presidential election in Mexico, which will be decided in July, is throwing a wrinkle into the negotiations.

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"He's facing both ends of the spectrum, a very Republican right that says DACA is amnesty, plus a Republican right that says, 'hey, build the wall.'" But Smith says Cornyn also represents people who support the Dreamers.

"People that are dealing with this issue know that a third-century solution to a 21st-century problem is not going to fix this long-term", said Rep.

Congress must work quickly, however, to approve a funding plan by January 19 to avoid a government shutdown. It's also unclear if the deal would cover just the 700,000 young people who now receive DACA protection or a broader group of 2.1 million unauthorized immigrants brought to the country as children who are eligible for protection under the Dream Act.

House Speaker Paul Ryan said rebuilding the nation's infrastructure and bolstering the military would be priorities this year, as well as ensuring "that everyone enjoys the economic growth that's to come".

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