Future Samsung phones will have a feature, which iPhone users can not access!


The company was (wrongly) accused of blocking the FM radio chips in iPhone handsets, but was quick to point out the iPhone 7, iPhone 8 don't even have them.

Following LG's recent deal, Samsung is partnering with NextRadio to unlock the FM chips in its smartphones.

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Users were already able to stream radio stations through services like iHeartRadio and Pandora. Contrary to common opinion, FM Radio isn't only for grooving to music but also comes handy in emergency situations because it has greater resilience and coverage of range as compared to a cellular signal.

Now Samsung has joined a group of smartphone makers who've agreed to support FM radio in forthcoming devices. This will be available in Samsung new smartphones in the USA and Canada.

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"Samsung should be lauded for taking this important step", said NextRadio President Paul Brenner in a statement. The app allows users to connect to their local FM broadcast stations, which uses less battery life than streaming does, which can be vital in emergency areas that don't have power or wireless carrier signal. The company will start mass production of the world's first 512GB embedded Universal Flash Storage (eUFS), implying that the next-gen smartphones will be able to offer double the storage, of what it could a year ago.

Also, Samsung may bring 512GB storage chip to next-gen smartphones. Approximately 44% of United States smartphones have their FM chips enabled, according to the FCC. Unfortunately, that probably means the decision doesn't apply retroactively, so numerous smartphones that are now available in the USA will not have their FM Radio chips enabled. Natural disasters in Puerto Rico, Houston and the Florida coast, have increased pressure on phone manufacturers to unlock the FM Chip in smartphones as a matter of public safety.

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