Internet mocks OR state over new self-service gas law


A law that took effect in OR on January 1, 2018 allows customers to pump their own fuel at gas stations.

The change in a long-held way of life for Oregonians resulted in a viral freak out on a Facebook post from CBS affiliate KTVL in Medford subsequent online mocking from well beyond the state. "It's nice to not have to pump your own fuel". In at least one rural county, co-op members are issued cards that allow them to pump their own gas any time of day.

In most states, gas station attendants died out during the oil crises in 1973 and 1979, when people were looking for any way to save a few cents at the pump.

Angry Oregonians the butt of jokes as new law forces some citizens to pump their own gas for first time
Oregonians Come to Terms with Pumping Their Own Gas

The stories, most of which stem from national and out-of-state publications, reference a new state law that passed without much fanfare in the 2017 Oregon Legislative and quietly went into effect Monday. However, in two states laws forbid you from placing a pump inside your own gas tank and filling it up.

She went on to say that many regulars probably don't know how to work a gas pump. If most of the country has learned to pump its own gas, why do some OR residents continue to advocate for station attendants?

"I say No too many creeper out there An it will take a lot of jobs away they need their jobs and I don't feel safe out there ethier!"

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The alleged "panic" traces back to a Facebook post by Medford news station KTVL that asked whether OR should allow self-serve gas statewide.

One comment reads: "I don't even know HOW to pump gas and I am 62, native Oregonian...."

What's so complicated about pumping gas?!

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"Our experience after nearly 13 years is that out-of-state residents are very capable of dispensing [their] fuel and the majority of Oregonians delight in being able to if we are swamped", Downs said. This is a very bad idea. This [is] a service only qualified people should perform.

"I live in Australia", one commenter wrote on behalf of us all.

"So if I move to OR, do I put "experienced gas pumper, 17 years" on my resume?" commented Case C. Capehart on Twitter.

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Emily LeRoy, executive director of the Tennessee Fuel & Convenience Store Association, said Wednesday Tennessee began allowing self-service gas in the mid-1970's.