Over 3 Million People are Playing PUBG on Xbox One


After spending just one month in Xbox Game Preview, the popular battle royale has passed 3 million players.

The developers of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds have revealed the drop rates of items in the Biker and Desperado crates. Thank you for your incredible support! PUBG can be played in either first person (currently in a beta development stage) or third person views and has been developed and published by PUBG Corporation and built on unreal engine 4.

PUBG is also always in perpetual beta, and it was released in unfinished form, first on the PC and then on Xbox One via the Xbox Game Preview program.

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"With the release of "#Player #Unknown Battlegrounds" on #Xbox One, game developer PUBG Corp. gave a promise to continue to improve its updates and make it better for the fans.

Planned future updates include additional game optimization and the new Miramar map. When the game's arrival on Xbox One was announced, console gamers were excited to get in on the action. Players will enter a last-man-standing battle where they try to locate weapons, vehicles and supplies in a graphically and tactically rich battleground that eventually forces players into a shrinking safe area as they engage in a tense and spectacular fight to the death.

Looking into why PUBG players so badly want China region locked from the game, it seems that since PUBG has becoming a virtual casino of sorts with the re-introduction of paid crates, many are afraid that the cheats and exploits that have been plaguing the game will be used to earn wins.

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Player-Focused Metagame Tools: Leaderboards and statistics plus replays and spectator mode tools are coming after Early Access launch.

It's the only console with this type of preview service, allowing gamers to help test the quality and performance of games ahead of full launch - albeit usually for a fee, with PUBG on Xbox One costing $29.99/£24.99 at this point, or free when you buy a new Xbox One X. Neither PlayStation nor Nintendo offer such a service on PS4 or Switch, so it's more hard to offer access on those platforms until the game is actually finished. Be sure to check out the game if you like competitive multiplayer experiences.

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