'S-tty Media Men' list sparks 'Spartacus'-like movement


The list comes with a disclaimer advising readers to take its contents with a grain of salt, since some of the material was described as "rumours".

Her spreadsheet drew widespread attention after news reports detailing accusations of sexual misconduct by Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein sent shock waves through the media and entertainment industries. The list allowed contributors to anonymously name the misconduct of men in media. It was mentioned in an article on BuzzFeed and a version was posted on Reddit.

Why has she outed herself now?

Alexander later said she and others were using a "Spartacus" tactic of identifying themselves to protect the real creator.

Donegan, a writer and former staffer at the New Republic, changed that on Wednesday night with an essay at the NY magazine vertical the Cut explaining how and why she came to create the list. "No writers pulled their stories", Melucci said. At the time, Roiphe did not know Donegan created the spreadsheet. Before that, she was an associate editor for the literary magazine n+1. In a 1993 review of Roiphe's first book, The Morning After: Sex, Fear and Feminism on Campus, the critic Katha Pollitt wrote that it was "a careless and irresponsible performance, poorly argued and full of misrepresentations, slapdash research, and gossip". I lost friends: some who thought I had been overzealous, others who thought I had not been zealous enough.

"[The list] was intended specifically not to inflict consequences, not to be a weapon - and yet, once it became public, many people immediately saw it as exactly that", she wrote. Roiphe was rumored to know who created the list, and the Internet quickly and strongly advised her not to reveal the name, with good reason. She took the spreadsheet offline after 12 hours; more than 70 men had been named and 14 had been highlighted in red, noting more than one accusation of sexual assault or rape. The file also prompted an industry-wide "reckoning with abuses of power", Donegan wrote.

Despite the spreadsheet being called "reckless, malicious, or anti-sex" and "irresponsible and false", investigations held as a outcome of the list have led to a number of men either leaving their jobs or being fired, according to Donegan.

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Roiphe is known for her inconveniently clear-eyed takedown of campus sex panic, nearly a quarter century ago. The fear of being exposed, and of the harassment that will inevitably follow, has dominated my life since.

The author of the Harper's story denied that the piece named the woman.

Dayna Tortorici stood up for Donegan's safety and said, "All I can say is: don't". The risk of doxxing is high.

The article was scheduled for Harper's March publication. If this were true, she said, "the backlash is well and truly here and it will NOT be pretty". However, she did not elaborate on the circumstances that led to her losing her job.

Cliffe even offered to pay the writers for pulling the plug on the story.

It's probably true that the list contributors are all relatively low-level women acting sincerely.

Other women said that they wished similar spreadsheets had been created decades ago.

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Donegan, for her part, said she never expected the list to gain such notoriety, the Times said. "We look forward to talking about what is and is not in the piece when it is published". "I am not "outing" anyone". In one of the tweets, that was retweeted by Harper's official account, Roiphe said that after Donegan refused to speak to her, she used a fact checker to test the premise that Donegan "might want to claim responsibility for the list".

Cliffe wanted those writers to pull their stories in protest, according to the New York Times.

After Donegan unveiled her identity Wednesday night, women rallied around her on social media, describing her efforts as courageous and validating.

Donegan also participated in the #MeToo movement organized outside the Trump International Hotel in December.

She emphasized the importance of "whisper networks" - private, informal alliances where women can share "open secrets and warn women away from serial assaulters". "Many of these networks have been invaluable in protecting their members", she continued.

The task ahead, Donegan wrote, "might be more rudimentary than I assumed".

"The experience of making the spreadsheet has shown me that it is still explosive, radical and productively unsafe for women to say what we mean".

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