Samsung DRVLINE autonomous driving platform unveiled at CES 2018


DRVLINE is claimed to be an open, modular, and scalable hardware and software platform that will allow vendors to collaborate and customise freely, instead of adopting a particular, forced technology. TCU is a product of Samsung's collaboration with Harman, which prior to its late 2016 acquisition by Samsung was perhaps best known to consumers for JBL-branded speakers; Harman also had significant long-term involvement in auto navigation systems deployed in popular vehicles. The first advanced driver-assistance system product leverages Samsung's camera technology background and HARMAN's ADAS 360 solution and features lane-departure warning, adaptive cruise control, collision warning, and pedestrian warning algorithms. This technology is incorporated into the DRVLINE platform.

"The cars of tomorrow won't just change how we get around, they'll transform our streets and society. They'll bring mobility to people who need it, make our roads safer, and revolutionize our communities", said Young Sohn, President and Chief Strategy Officer at Samsung Electronics, and Chairman of the Board at HARMAN in a press release.

Sohn added, "Building an autonomous platform requires close collaboration across industry, as one company can not deliver on this enormous opportunity alone". The challenge is simply too big and too complex.

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Samsung has announced its DRVLINE autonomous driving platform. We will have to see in the coming months and years how this partnership will blossom, but it looks like Harman and Samsung are off to a good start at CES 2018.

And to bring everything together Samsung and Harman are spearheading a new 5G-capable telematics system for cars, capable of giving 1Gbps connectivity to all the instruments of your vehicle.

"In a vehicle, the human brain is constantly performing incredibly complex calculations while driving". How long until the yellow light turns red? In addition to the camera system, the two are also working on a new digital cockpit platform for all vehicle segments. It also has a premium, multi-display layout with Android OS powering four displays.

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HARMAN and Samsung are on a joint mission to excel as far as the future goes.

"HARMAN has the heritage and expertise in automotive, and collectively HARMAN and Samsung harness our best technologies and global scale to accelerate how we better serve the needs of automakers in this rapidly evolving automotive market".

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