Telegram, Instagram blocked in Iran


Mr Durov said that was because Telegram had "publicly refused to shut down channels of peaceful Iranian protesters, such as @sedaiemardom".

Durov promised to investigate the case, and within hours suspended the "amadnews" channel, saying that it violated the "no calls for violence rule". Authorities are temporarily blocking Telegram and Instagram to "maintain peace", according to the AP.

"There are numerous Telegram channels which promote violence and terrorist acts, we have statistics and evidence but we have not publicized tem not to promote violence", he said.

Iran'temporarily blocked all access to the app on Sunday along with Instagram saying it was imperative to restore public order
Iran'temporarily blocked all access to the app on Sunday along with Instagram saying it was imperative to restore public order

Telegram has a large user base in Iran - with Durov stating a year ago that it has ~40M monthly active users, which amounts to around half the population of the country, and 25M daily active users. Lets see when Iran will unblock both services.

'Telegram will face increasing pressure over time to collaborate with the Iranian government's demands for this or that, ' Snowden wrote on Twitter. In September, Iran sued Durov, claiming that his app facilitates the spread of terrorism, pornography and other illegal activities.

Telegram also touts its end-to-end encryption, meaning every device with Telegram installed has its own encryption keys, which in theory would prevent a government that intercepted Telegram messages from being able to read them.

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In a December 31 blog post, Pavel Durov, chief executive of Telegram, which is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, wrote that the company had previously complied with requests by the Iranian government to shut down access to "channels" that called for violence during the protests. Telegram was promptly blocked by Iran. It called for protests Sunday at sites across Iran before the government ordered the app shut down. The government's decision on putting controls on the Internet access and messaging apps, under such conditions, has unfortunately exacerbated the economic conditions of virtual Iranian businesses.

Instagram declined to respond to a BuzzFeed News question about whether it was actively aiding the Iranian government's censorship.

Nonetheless, media censorship in Iran is a fact of life.

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Many observers have also taken to Twitter - another officially blocked social platform - to try to make sense of the protests, which have been unprecedented in terms of their geographical spread since the Islamic revolution in 1979.

Ms. Dagres argued that tweets from officials in other countries do little, but allowing access to more communications tools would help protect protesters. It is used by millions of people globally and has been criticized by USA and European officials for allowing extremist groups and terrorists to communicate secretly.

"We are proud that Telegram is used by thousands of massive opposition channels all over the world". Since there is a lot of Government influence on the traditional media, the social media has been very popular in the country.

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