Vivo's Groundbreaking Fingerprint Sensor is Changing the Smartphone World


We are really impressed by Vivo and wish the company keeps bring new technology for all technology enthusiasts to enjoy. This Vivo smartphone is the first one to have an in-screen fingerprint sensor.

This optical fingerprint sensor tech only works behind OLED screens because they're sufficiently thin and transparent. The screen would register the fingerprint digit, spinning up a spider web of the blue pattern.

However, maybe you prefer fingerprint sensor over even a state-of-the-art face unlocking like Face ID, and you definitely want it in the front because you need to unlock the phone a billion times a day while it's laying on the desk, and you still want a huge display that takes up almost all the room from the front face of the phone.

Future Samsung phones will have a feature, which iPhone users can not access!
Now Samsung has joined a group of smartphone makers who've agreed to support FM radio in forthcoming devices. Following LG's recent deal , Samsung is partnering with NextRadio to unlock the FM chips in its smartphones.

Because of this, manufacturers had to make compromises in the placement of the sensor, with many opting to put it at the back of the phone.

The first fingerprint reader built inside the display of a phone is here and we got to take a first look at the technology at CES 2018. To create this reflection, part of the screen has to light up, and then the finger reader will capture the reflection between the AMOLED pixels. For one, people screw up their screens all the time.

Registering your fingerprint works the same way it does on a phone with a regular fingerprint sensor. But sadly none of the big smartphone manufacturers were able to implement this feature in their flagship phones. As the industry moves into a new era of full-screen displays, it is natural that the fingerprint scanning technology needs to evolve to accommodate new user habits and demands for bigger screens without sacrificing user experience. Simply place your finger on the icon and the phone unlocks.If you wake the phone with the power button, then the display will show a lock screen and will unlock the device straight into your home screen. Place your finger there, wait for a split second and the phone will unlock with a cool animation taking place. The chip-maker went on to explain that the sensors were developed as an "integrated solution" that would work in tandem with the chip-maker's expansive line of Snapdragon CPUs for mobile devices.

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The Face ID on the new iPhone X is good, but it does fail at times. Needless to say, this is going to take a lot of getting used to - hopefully, it won't be too long before we get to try a sensor like this in a more polished phone.

That's why I was curious to try out the new Clear ID tech that maker Synpatics has been demonstrating at CES.

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