$60 Jugs Of "Raw Water" Are All The Rage In Silicon Valley


Startups such as Live Water in OR deliver untreated spring water on demand and market it as "perfect just the way it is", according to the Live Water website. Demand is so high so places are charging $60 for a 2.5 gallon jug. Unfiltered water can carry a number of diseases such as Hepatitis A and cholera.

Hensrud explained that drinking raw water can put you at risk of ingesting E. coli bacteria, viruses, parasites and cancerous chemicals.

As per Singh, "real water" should expire after a few months.

This raw water has not been treated, and comes from natural sources. Live Water's founder, Mukhande Singh, said that tap water has been poisoned.

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Live Water, which pulls water from Opal Springs in Madras, Ore., says its mission is a "new yet ancient idea: Fresh Spring Water delivered in reusable glass". Well, although there are regulations regarding bottled water, no such regulationsexistfor raw water as of now.

After the U.S.started incorporating filtration and treatment methods for public drinking water over a century ago, many illnesses like cholera, nearly completely disappeared.

But tap water doesn't have that special something; "In the community of tap-water skeptics, many talk about water the way others might about fine wine". However, this is only an appearance, as clear spring water is full of bacteria and dirt which can only be removed through serious purification processes. He believes that the widespread availability of clean, filtered water has caused modern consumers to forget about the many diseases that are linked to untreated water.

In a recent New York Times piece about the raw water trend, Dr. Donald Hensrud of the Mayo Clinic sums up the burgeoning movement nicely.

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So what is "raw water"? The World Health Organization (WHO) lists contaminated drinking water as one of the leading causes of deadly preventable health risks in the world.

"If you have heavily processed water with chemicals in it that are created to kill bacteria, then I think it can really materially alter the body", he told The Washington Post. "You never know who you'll run into at the spring". "Now is that because I saw it come off the roof, and anything from the roof feels special?" The company claims on its website that "all other bottled, filtered, tap, and even spring waters are sterilized with ozone gas, irradiated with UV light, and passed through a submicron filter" and that "blasting water with ozone changes its molecular structure".

Evans said others should make their own decision about what to drink.

Hello, my name is Vibrio cholerae and you, my drinker, are in for a really crappy time. Hell, if you want to go all out they probably even sell a bigger bottle for $1.87.

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