After accident, Army cancels slithering ops for Army Day parade


According to the Indian Army website, the army showcases parades and other military shows in the national capital New Delhi on the day.

Slithering is an exercise where troops are dropped from a helicopter in an area of operation using a rope attached to the chopper. While two army men successfully complete the drill, the third one falls straight to the ground, as the rope slips off the chopper.

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In a shocking incident, three jawans got injured at Delhi-based Cantonment playground while rehearsing ahead of Indian Army Day Parade, an event celebrated on January 15th every year, in the honour of Lieutenant General KM Kariappa, the first Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Army.

Soon after the accident, all three injured jawans were immediately taken to the hospital by the Indian Army. Since there was a malfunction in the aircraft's boom, "A 2-member investigating team from Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) has come on Wednesday to probe the matter", said a source in the HAL.

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"Slithering operations have been suspended till the cause of accident is known".

An official from the Indian Army said that all the 3 jawans are safe and further investigation is underway. The incident raises serious concern on the safety measures being carried out while conducting such kind of drills.

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The practice was being held for the upcoming Army Day on January 15.