Amazon And Google's Dumb Fight About YouTube Videos Makes More Sense Now


The search giant is working with Lenovo, Sony, LG and JBL to bring these Assistant-powered Smart displays to the market. Having it answer questions verbally is useful, of course, but using Google Assistant to do things like pull up a recipe, start playing a video on YouTube, or show off an album in Google Photos is better still. It's not clear if a Google Home branded smart screen device is still in the works or if it will rely on third parties instead. When not in use, the display doubles as a digital picture frame.

At CES Monday, Google announced it will partner with various manufacturers that will build smart speakers that include Google Assistant.

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Google has taken advantage of its appearance at CES 2018 to announce a raft of new Google Assistant-powered speakers as well as its first smart displays. The look mirrors the Amazon Echo Show a bit - with a smart speaker and display combo.

"This tablet will come in two display sizes - 8" and 10" - and perhaps one of my favorite things about it is the kickstand which is shaped in a way that'll make it easy for you to stand it in both portrait and landscape.

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The Google Assistant is also coming to more smart TVs. And that's the Lenovo Smart Display.

This week will also see the launch of new Android TVs with Google Assistant from a variety of companies, including Haier Group Corp. and Hisense Group Co. Meanwhile, Amazon Alexa also offers voice controls. like stopping or pausing the washer or telling your refrigerator to defrost five pounds of chicken, all through Alexa-enabled devices around your house. JBL has only announced one version of the Link View so far, and it comes with an 8-inch screen. That's not the entirety of Google Home sales but it suggests that the totality of devices sold is below 10 million. There are buttons for adjusting speaker volume, and there's even a switch that places a physical lens cover over the front-facing camera that's used for video calls.

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The new Lenovo Smart Display is pretty basic white with either a bamboo or soft-touch matte plastic back. Australian availability and pricing is unknown at this stage but it is expected to be US$249 for the 10 inch model and US$199 for the 8 inch model in the US.

The platforms are created to facilitate easy development of new smart home products featuring Google services (primarily Google Assistant) by manufacturers.

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