Big Brother contestant reported dead… is actually alive


'I've been through hell today because someone used my Twitter account to write that stupid statement about me. I am in Arabia and I am not dead.

Fans - who had flooded her feed with tributes - expressed relief that she was still alive.

Another replied to the message and said they would remember her as "one of the most loveable BB housemates". "Gosh imagine having to do a video to prove you're alive, the internet is a weird place with some very weird people".

"No way I remember when she was on Big Brother before her transition and I and she was one of my favourite ever people to have ever entered the big brother house and I've watch her transformation during the years it's so sad rest in peace", posted one shocked fan.

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BIG Brother's transgender star Rebekah Shelton has sensationally revealed that she is NOT dead.

While the tweet said that Shelton died "unexpectedly", the cause of death was not revealed.

She finished fifth in the 10th series of the reality show. "Of course I wanted to, but I had to think, do I really want to go through all of this discrimination?" the reality star, who made an appearance on ITV show, Judge Rinder, continued. I was the first Brazilian to be part of the show.

"When I met him, I was not 100% sure [about transitioning]".

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"He saw me as a woman, the person I am". Nobody wakes up and says, tomorrow I'm going to be a woman. It's a hard decision. It's not easy to be a different person.

"It gave me the acceptance I had been looking for my entire life - I started dressing like the girls, and I felt like I was getting to know myself better with every new piece of clothing". I'm finally living my life happy'.

Giving her advice to others who may be in a similar situation, she said: "I would say to them, don't look at me and think, oh she looks fantastic, I want to be like her".

She previously spoke about the struggles she went through as her family didn't accept her changing gender.

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