Drip Dangers: Associations Sound Alarm About IV Bag Shortage


The hurricane struck Puerto Rico head-on, devastating as much as 80 percent of the island's farm production.

When Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico previous year, the storm took out IV saline solution manufacturers, leaving hospitals around the country low on supplies.

In June, Puerto Ricans voted overwhelmingly to embrace statehood in a non-binding referendum, but turnout was extremely low.

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Amazon rose 1.89 percent to breach $1,300 for the first time, while Home Depot rose 1 percent and Walmart 0.6 percent. The Nasdaq Composite dropped 6.13 points, or 0.08 percent, to 7,205.65.

"It is completely unacceptable, it is inhumane and you have to ask yourself if this would happen in any other state". The answer is no. "We have not forgotten our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico - they can count on us".

A group of congressional leaders from MA is visiting Puerto Rico Friday to learn about the island's recovery efforts after Hurricane Maria. The law could put Puerto Rican companies at a disadvantage with mainland USA companies because they will be treated as offshore firms and subject to higher taxes.

Gov. Ricardo Rossello made the announcement on Thursday.

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When the reality TV star was asked whether she agreed with the pair facing eviction, she said: 'India. She claimed to have a "phobia" of men in drag - meaning her odds to be evicted are 1-7.

"We've been approaching this as a unified front and bale to effect changes to preserve our fluid situation very diligently, and we've had to make zero compromises to providing high quality patient care to our community", said Startsman. Gov. Rick Scott uses the figure of 300,000 based on the number of people who've flown into the major airports, while University of Florida economists estimate the number is closer to 50,000, based on school enrollments and requests for state aid.

Scott, who was also in attendance at Friday's news conference in Orlando, announced the state is offering $1 million to help Hurricane Maria refugees in Florida find employment.

No matter the reason, Carla Mccarty the director of nursing at West Texas ER says the shortage makes her nervous. He said federal emergency officials also have agreed to his request to provide case-management services to displaced families. He said, "It is surreal that this was said by the president".

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A topless woman disrupted Czech president Miloš Zeman as he voted on Friday afternoon on the outskirts of Prague . Zeman was quickly escorted out and returned to cast his vote shortly afterwards.