LFP suspend Ligue 1 use of goal-line technology


Following two more technical failings during games in the quarter-finals of the Coupe de la Ligue, this Thursday January 11 the LFP informed the company GoalControl of the immediate suspension of the goal-line technology system until further orders.

"These two irregularities are unacceptable, especially as they occur just after we put GoalControl on notice", he said, adding that the system in its current state "was not reliable".

In association football, goal-line technology is a method used to determine when the ball has completely crossed the goal line in between the goal-posts and underneath the crossbar with the assistance of electronic devices.

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The decision covers all matches under the jurisdiction of the LFP, notably Ligue 1 and the French League Cup, and comes in the wake of two errors during Wednesday's League Cup quarter-finals.

The system did not alert the referee when Adrien Rabiot netted Paris Saint-Germain's second goal in a 2-0 win over Amiens.

GoalControl has been used in France since 2015.

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Hawk-Eye - the goal-line technology used in the Premier League, Bundesliga, Eredivisie and Serie A - is a different system, and is not provided by GoalControl.

There has been a lot of infusion of technology in football lately considering its extensive usage in other sports of the world.

FRANCE has stopped using goalline technology after a pair of cock-ups in cup matches.

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Also, with major errors by referees in the La Liga sparking controversies, it is expected that the Spanish League will introduce VAR next season.