Look At This Giant Detective Pikachu Amiibo


Get your detective hats and be prepared to solve crimes with everyones favourite pokemon, Pikachu.

We've finally received news today that Detective Pikachu is coming to the west on the Nintendo 3DS.

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Update: A new trailer with English voice acting has been released. This Detective Pikachu amiibo is quite a bit larger than normal amiibo, as you can see in the image above, and it'll let you see all of the Pika Prompts for in-game chapters you have completed. The plot follows Tim Goodman, a newcomer to Ryme City, who meets the eponymous Detective Pikachu, a tough talking, hardboiled detective. As you make your way through Ryme City, you'll uncover clues, bag witnesses, and unravel secrets along the way. Considering how much of Pokemon as a brand is built upon completion, the bragging rights of having a complete collection, making a specific Pokemon available for a few hours then never again feels like a real misstep.

You can check the amiibo and watch the Detective Pikachu trailer below to get a better look at the game.

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Detective Pikachu was originally released in Japan in 2016, but this new version of the game will be greatly expanded with new locations to explore and new cases to solve. Also, Nintendo is releasing an absolutely big amiibo alongside the game. At over five inches tall, the Detective Pikachu amiibo is nearly twice as big as the Super Smash Bros. The Detective Pikachu amiibo is almost double size of the average pikachu amiibo. It's not quite Danny DeVito either, though Pikachu's voice actor seems to have snuck a DeVito impression into the role.

Detective Pikachu will be released on March 23 through the eShop and retail for $39.99 or your regional equivalent.

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Detective Pikachu might become also big in the West as a Holywood movie is planed with Ryan Reynolds.