Morley Movie Review: Paddington 2


Surely it would be impossible for co-writer/director Paul King to pull that off again? From his first scene, Buchanan is portrayed as a foolish and vain ex-star whose confidence in his own abilities is such that he refuses to work with anyone else. I was charmed and entertained, and I think you will enjoy it.

With his cleverly optimistic outlook on life, Paddington is sure the Browns can help him, while he continues to learn more and more about the people around him. He spots a pop-up book flawless for his Aunt Lucy's birthday and sets out to buy it, but once he has enough money, he discovers that a thief has stolen the book. He can't afford it, of course, so he bumbles his way through a series of odd jobs in a collection of comedic montages. Through a case of mistaken identity, Paddington gets accused of the crime and sent to prison. We spoke to Hugh Grant, who plays actor Phoenix Buchanan, Hugh Bonneville, who plays Mr.

As a related personal story and fitting closing note, I will say that due to an overnight charging mishap, my wheelchair's battery kept shutting down before driving completely up the ramp leading into the screening room, but the company around me was enough to manually push me in there. So, too, is director Paul King, who is more confident and playful with his visual style on this adventure. Indeed, the movie is filled with surreal set-pieces ranging from an extended Charlie Chaplain homage as Paddington worms his way through a series of gears in a clock, to a collection of delightfully freakish heist sequences, plenty of slapstick, and even a few genuinely exciting action scenes.

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There's no end of trouble a little brown bear from deepest, darkest Peru can get into when let loose on the streets of London. It's proof that imagination and intent always mean more than budget. Paddington's eyes are exceptionally expressive. Within King's immaculately composed frames march some of the finest and funniest British actors alive. Henry (Hugh Bonneville) doesn't get an expected promotion, Mary (Sally Hawkins) is training to swim the English Channel, Judy (Madeleine Harris) has broken up with her boyfriend and started a newspaper, Jonathan (Samuel Joslin) has turned into a typical teen guy. The desperation of the prisoners is portrayed perfectly by Brendan Gleeson, who plays Knuckles the chef, who is as scary looking as the food he serves.

Hugh Grant as an oh-so-clever actor and mysterious neighbor is a great addition to the film and surprisingly nails his character's mannerisms and quirks. He's having the time of his life playing a villainous ham of an actor, and what's most impressive is how gamely and easily he dips in an out of accents and character types in the role. Paddington reveals to Phoenix the book he's about to buy, and Phoenix realizes the antique is far more valuable than £1,000.

In the end, Paddington 2 is a heartwarming and pretty amusing thriller that'll leave you feeling warm inside on a cold winter day. There's no better time for a movie so dedicated to that simple and lovely theme, and few that can express it so well.

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The cute, amusing and marmalade-loving Paddington bear that filmgoers have all grown to love is back for another wacky adventure in Paddington 2 in theaters today.

Arriving just in time to brighten a typically dreary post-holiday season at the multiplex, "Paddington 2" is a beautifully structured comedy of the old school, full of inspired blink-and-you-miss-it wordplay, intricate gags that build on each other, and narrative digressions that pay off in ways that feel inspired rather than predictable. "Paddington 2" offers all that and so much more.

This family film about the adventures of a cute and cuddly bear in London is a delight for the entire family.


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