Supermassive black hole 'double burps' light


Investigators said that they are very fortunate that they observed this galaxy in a moment where they were able to see both these events very clearly.

A monster black hole has been seen belching a huge "double burp" after wolfing down stars, gas and planets sucked from a nearby galaxy.

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The supermassive black hole at the centre of the Milky Way has had at least one "burp" that we know about, with astronomers detecting indirect signs of an event in 2010. While astronomers have predicted such objects can flicker on and off as a result of gas feeding events, this is one of the few times one has been caught in the act. These supermassive black holes are million times heavier than the Sun and scientists consider that these holes are in the centre of every galaxy. It was also recently published in The Astrophysical Journal. When they smashed together, chunks of matter flew towards J1354-straight towards the greedy black hole. For comparison, one light-year is roughly six trillion miles.

So why did the black hole have two separate meals? The inset panel to the right is a four-color image that combines Hubble exposures with Chandra X-ray observations. The team concluded that material from the companion galaxy swirled into the center of J1354 and then was eaten by the supermassive black hole. The first burp took place far more than a hundred thousand years ago, and the resultant gas that's been released into the universe has been traveling away from the black hole ever since. To the north they saw a loop of gas that signaled the more recent burp. The telescope captured a large number of radiations emitting from J1354, shows that the black hole lies within a dense cloud of dust and gas.

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Well, nearly nothing. As it turns out, supermassive black holes aren't always thorough when gobbling up star systems and solar debris.

"This galaxy really caught us off guard", said study author and University of Colorado Boulder doctoral student Rebecca Nevin. "This new burp is actually moving like a shock wave - it's coming out very fast, and so it's kind of like a sonic boom of a burp, whereas the gas to the south shows us an older burp that happens 100,000 years earlier before that newer burp". Researchers said that they could see this object having meal, nap and belch and repeating these activities. She added that if our solar system was close to the black hole than it would be hazardous for us.

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