Uhuru, Ramaphosa to focus on trade


"The fate of Africa is tied at the hip and the relationships should foster partnerships that are beneficial to the citizens", President Kenyatta said.

Kenyatta expressed that he will be interested in talking about both politics and business with President Zuma.

He said there is need for the two countries to work together and enable the people to interact and do business.

"As we have said we are keen to see how political parties on the African continent can also start working together and partnering together because it is also political parties that ultimately help us create that connectivity that develop strong bonds between nations".

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According to a statement from Kenyatta's office, he would meet with Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa on Friday.

He said the message of unity that Ramaphosa has been delivering is one that resonates well, not only with South Africans but also with other parties on the African continent.

President Zuma also said that he wants to strengthen the relations between the countries and take them to a higher level.

"We open our doors for Kenyans to come to SA, and they must open their doors for South Africans to go to Kenya", Ramaphosa said. He added that the two countries have a lot to share in exploitation and development of natural resources for the benefit of their citizens. Ramaphosa said there is a lot to learn on agriculture from Kenya, as they play a leading role on the continent in agriculture.

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Mr. Kenyatta however took the hit and did not miss a step as he buttoned his coat and proceeded to meet President Jacob Zuma who was waiting for him.

Apart from the issues of trade and infrastructure, Presidents Kenyatta and Zuma also deliberated on regional peace and security, especially the South Sudan conflict and the "new slave trade in Libya".

Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta says there is a lot to learn from the ANC, as it has managed to keep itself together for 106 years.

He emphasised that the new ANC leadership was acutely aware that it needed a programme of renewal so that South Africans could again trust that it was fit to rule the country.

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President Zuma announced that he would host President Kenyatta for a State visit later this year.