Zimbabwe`s former president Robert Mugabe ousted by `military coup`: Ex-minister


The activists have asked Zimbabwe's High Court to compel Mnangagwa's government to release the findings of a commission of inquiry on the massacres.

The atrocities targeted members of the ethnic Ndebele population believed to support former Vice President Joshua Nkomo, then an opponent of Mugabe.

President Mnangagwa has highlighted the vast business opportunities that have been availed by the new political dispensation saying the country is ready to work together with other nations to foster social, economic and political development.

Zimbabwe's former president Robert Mugabe was ousted by a "military coup" that forced his resignation, former cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo said in an interview with the BBC broadcast on Thursday.

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"Right now the cabinet of the Republic of Zimbabwe is led by the most feared people in the history of this country".

Calling the takeover "unconstitutional", Moyo went ahead to describe the manner in which he fled the country, which accorded to him was because of a "death warrant" issued by the military.

He said in the interview that he had not been in contact with the couple since the fall of Mugabe's rule in November.

That was widely seen as a reference to Mugabe's wife Grace and supporters of her apparent desire to succeed the 93-year-old statesman - efforts that riled many in the military establishment.

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The initiative is meant to legitimize the ongoing political transition in Zimbabawe following the resignation of long-serving former president Robert Mugabe in November, 2017, at the insistence of the ruling Zanu PF party and the subsequent swearing in of Mnagagwa on Nov 24 as interim president.

Moyo was one of the prominent members of the so-called G40 Zanu PF faction which viciously opposed ex-vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa from succeeding the almost 94-year-old Mugabe.

Kasukuwere was the former local government minister and had held the position of political commissar in Zanu-PF. "We were there, about 11 of us, when the military came to his house looking for him", he said. "He is suffering from fears of his own making".

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