Awkward: Trump praises Martin Luther King, Jr. after his racist comments


"If their parents opt out to take that excused absence, maybe they can celebrate in that way as well".

"In Bakersfield, it's kind of hard", he said.

Since his plunge into politics, many "successful" African-Americans have openly excused Donald Trump's antics.

MacArthur High School teacher Kim Jones said this story is one she wants her students to remember. "You can do away with the dreamer, but when the dream is deposited in the spirits and stitched in the personalities of others, where both the courage and the confidence to think beyond today and see beyond tomorrow, you can't kill the dream". School board members voted to have class on MLK Day and President's Day this year.

Executive Director for Mobile Baykeeper Casi Callaway said, "We've been working for a year really to put something on that's holistic, that the whole community can be involved in".

Trump Administration wants to enforce work requirements for Medicaid
The Trump administration is about to startletting states require many Medicaid recipients to work for their benefits . That demand was a rallying cry for Republicans during their unsuccessful attempts a year ago to repeal " Obamacare ".

After statements from Housing and Urban Development SecretaryBen Carson and King's nephew, Pastor Isaac Newton Farris, Trump gleefully signed the proclamation, handing the black marker to Farris as a keepsake, as is presidential tradition.

"What went on back then is still going on now", he said.

"Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?"

However, Heath-Soberanis said the social acknowledgement of what African-Americans have gone through and issues they are still facing helps somewhat.

"To no surprise, the president started tweeting this morning denying that he is using those words". He's always been at the top. "I hope it will stimulate us", he said.

Donald Trump's reason for skipping United Kingdom questioned, even by embassy
Trump's cancellation was met with humour on social media, with parodies of the president's tweet trending on Twitter. "Just like the rest of the country, we woke up to the news of Trump having canceled his visit", Treacy said.

Heath-Soberanis said it's not just the president who is responsible for improving race relations.

A resolution honoring Dr. King became a call to action at the state Capitol and maybe no one made the case for action better than Rep. Janet Buckner, a Democrat representing Aurorea. "It's up to Congress, it's up to everyday people to take action".

U.S. Sens. Joe Donnelly and Todd Young say they're working to continue Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy as they try to spread his message of love and unity. We don't believe him.

Washington, a state senator at the time, began pushing for a state holiday soon after King's 1968 assassination.

There is still work to do in the community, she said.

Hawaii emergency officials: Alert of ballistic missile threat was mistake
President Donald Trump has been briefed on a false alert that Hawaii was under the threat of being hit by a ballistic missile. Tulsi Gabbard, who represents Hawaii's 2nd congressional district, also tweeted that there was no threat.