Google Duo Users can Make Calls to Smartphone Without Duo Installed


Speculations doing the rounds that Google Duo, Google's video calling app, works on devices that don't have the app installed. Once the call is over, apparently, the other person is invited to install Duo.

It's worth noting that Google could make this feature possible with App Preview Messaging API that works in the background of Google Play Services. The app will allow them to establish a fully functioning video call and once the call ends, they will see a notification that asks them to download the program from the Google Play Store. For now, it is not clear whether there are any requirements attached to this functionality, but having your contact number registered with Google account could be one of those requisites or maybe the only one. It enables an app to operate as a part of Android, even if it is not directly installed by the user.

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Obviously this won't work when making calls to iPhones, but it makes life a little easier for Google Duo users - you don't necessarily have to fret about whether your contacts have Duo installed before placing a call.

At this point, some of our readers must be thinking about the privacy aspect of this new feature.

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The user experience is enhanced manifold due to attractive attributes such as both video and audio calls, and not to forget the Knock Knock preview feature that lets the user get a view of what's happening at the other end of the incoming call.

As soon as the call is made, the recipient will immediately be able to see what is being shown through the caller's camera. And yes, you can even decide to lose the audio portion of the call by muting the microphone. If you look at the bottom of the screenshot below, you'll also notice a message at the bottom that allows you to block a caller from contacting you again.

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In the latest update of Duo, Google brings some exciting features. This feature debuted with Google Allo back in 2016. Head to the comments section below and let us know!