Steve Bannon Stepping Down from Breitbart News


The author said he had an open mind about Trump when he started conducting interviews inside the White House, but no more.

On Sunday, Bannon issued an apology to Axios, saying: "Donald Trump both a patriot and a good man".

WOLFF: But I think Steve Bannon has a vision.

Kissinger, 94, described the White House manoeuvring in 2017 as being "a war between the Jews and the non-Jews", with Jews to-date coming out on top.

You know what journalists tend to do? Bannon was sacked by Trump in August as the president tried to bring order to feuding factions in the White House, but the two men continued to communicate and Bannon had remained an ally. It seems strange-more than odd, really-that when push came to shove, Breitbart picked the president and the corporate tax cut and DACA renewal over the ideas of Steve Bannon.

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Gidley spoke to reporters on Monday aboard Air Force One as Trump traveled to Nashville, Tennessee.

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He was running Breitbart at the time, a website providing boisterous coverage of the Republican tycoon's rise, where he had served as executive chairman since 2012.

Mercer publicly broke from Bannon in a statement last week after months of distancing herself from him. The next day on January 4 it was reported that Breitbart stakeholder and billionaire Republican donors the Mercer family pulled their financial support of Bannon. The exchange was especially ironic because it was Colbert who invented the concept of truthiness - the slightly askew version of reality that is the staple of cable news and, according to some, marks Wolff's own reporting.


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In addition, Sirius XM announced on Tuesday that it has severed its relationship with Bannon, who was hosting a show on the satellite radio provider, "since our programming agreement is with Breitbart News".

Bannon mocked Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and Trump being part of a "brain trust" and called a meeting they had with Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya "treasonous" and "unpatriotic". "The president was singling him out for being Jewish, rewarding him for being Jewish, saddling him with an impossible hurdle for being Jewish-and, too, defaulting to the stereotyping belief in the negotiating powers of Jews". So the writing was there. Trump's tweets about Fire and Fury appear to have only launched the book into the stratosphere, where few political memoirs can ever hope to orbit.

When pressed if he would release tapes of his interviews, he pushed back.

President Bill Clinton was impeached on a perjury charge related to his grand jury testimony about his relationship with a White House intern, Monica Lewinsky. Is it Bannon? Is it Breitbart? You know, he's backing this candidate in Alabama.

Numerous bombshells in the book come from quotes by Bannon. Surely, the mainstream media should have questioned Trump's fitness for office in the past year, right?

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MCEVERS: What are we to make of Bannon's rise and fall, then? "There are times you're just not your highest self; you had a late night and you're pulling out something from the hamper". What do we learn from all this? I don't think this has much impact on the president going forward. It certainly is a signal example of just extraordinary egotism and the idea that somehow he had the answers to fill in the great vacuum of ideas that he saw in Trump himself.