Doctor: Trump 'fit for office,' could improve diet, exercise


United States President Donald Trump is in "excellent" health and mentally fit for presidency, presidential physician said on Tuesday.

The Navy doctor exhausted reporters' questions during an unusually lengthy hour-long session, at Trump's request, and said he did not withhold any information in the interests of privacy.

"I had absolutely no concerns about his cognitive ability or his neurological functions", said Dr. Jackson, who regularly interacts with the president.

Brought to the U.S. illegally as children and granted temporary status under former president Barack Obama, Trump ended the program for so-called "Dreamers" in September.

The test looks for signs of Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia.

The assessment he took includes asking a patient to name several animals, draw a clock with the hands at a certain time, copy a cube and recall a shortlist of words. The test does not assess psychiatric fitness. Trump scored 30 out of 30. Even so, Jackson said, the president shows no evidence of heart disease.

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Despite some tests showing his heart to have a regular rhythm and no abnormal sounds, Trump also underwent a scan for calcium-containing plaque in the blood that could clog his heart.

Dr. Jackson said multiple times during the almost hour-long meeting with reporters that he had had no intention of administering the test, but that Trump requested the exam.

"It's called genetics", Jackson said, shrugging.

"He has incredible genes and that's the way God made him".

"The president is very healthy and will remain so for the duration of his presidency", Jackson said at a press briefing on Tuesday afternoon.

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An incident last month when Trump appeared to slur his speech may have been due to medication: the decongestant Sudafed, taken on Jackson's advice, may have "dried up his secretions", the doctor said in response to one reporter's question. He did say that Trump would benefit from losing 10 to 15 pounds from a combination of improving his diet and starting an exercise regimen.

Ranit Mishori, an attending physician at Georgetown University-Providence Hospital in Washington, said Trump received more screening and diagnostic tests than are generally recommended for someone at his age and with his medical history.

The cognitive exam was Trump's own idea.

The test that cleared Trump was developed by a doctor associated with McGill and Sherbrooke universities.

Trump is considered overweight and borderline obese at six feet three inches and 239 pounds. "Those four factors alone put him at a higher risk for cardiovascular disease", she said.

In terms of exercise, Jackson said Trump could use a variety of machines - such as a stationary bike, elliptical, or treadmill - to get his cardio in.

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