Approval of US Leadership Hits All-Time Low under Trump


However, the report adds: "It's important to note that Russians' ratings are heading in a positive direction for the first time in years; the current rating is up six points from 2% in 2016."Meanwhile, approval of United States leadership increased 10 points or more in just four countries: Belarus, Israel, Macedonia and Liberia, according to Gallup.The Trump administration's decision last month unilaterally to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital may have won him support in that country, but resulted in overwhelming worldwide condemnation.This year's 30% median global approval rating for U.S. leadership is the lowest since Gallup began tracking this measure in 2007". His approval rating stood at 41 percent in last month's poll.

According to the poll, 53 percent of men surveyed said they think the president is stable, while 40 percent said that he is not.

The country's leadership approval rating dropped 18 percent from 48 percent in the last year of Obama's term in office and was four points lower than the previous low of 34 percent in the last year of Bush's time in the White House.

CBS pollsters found just 37 per cent of U.S. adults approve of the job Trump is doing a Rasmussen Reports daily tracking poll puts that number at 45 per cent
Approval of US Leadership Hits All-Time Low under Trump

The recent drop in approval ratings is unrelated to the world's being less familiar with the new USA administration.

According to the poll, "disapproval of US leadership increased nearly as much as approval declined" with a 43% median disapproval, up 15 points from the previous year.

Major losses in confidence were recorded by Gallup among close U.S. allies including Portugal, Belgium, Norway and Canada, which had drops in confidence of 40 points or more. It suffered almost as much in Europe; however, approval ratings there are not the lowest on record - the ratings during the last two years of George W. Bush's administration still hold that distinction.

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Gallup said the ratings "may have implications on US influence overseas", as its polling shows Germany has replaced the the world's top ranked global power with an approval rating of 41 percent.

You'd have to guess the idiosyncratic rise in Liberian approval of the U.S.

Results are based on face-to-face and telephone interviews with approximately 1,000 adults, aged 15 and older, in each country or area.

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The survey of 1,350 adults was conducted between January 8 and January 10 by Marist in collaboration with NPR and PBS Newshour. It's margin of error is 3.4 percentage points.

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