Woman fired from Outback Steakhouse after complaining that church didn't leave tip


Tamlynn Yoder, 25, worked at the Outback steakhouse in Palm Beach County, Florida when the Christ Fellowship Church placed the huge order for takeaway.

"We did not call the restaurant to have her fired, we wanted to get the situation resolved", church official David Lonsberry told the Palm Beach Post. The church ordered 75 items, including 25 steaks, 25 chicken dinners, and 25 sides of potatoes, and couldn't bother to leave her a tip on their $735 bill, she claimed. Yoder posted that she spent much of her shift preparing it and only made $18 in tips the rest of the day.

The following day, Yoder came in to work and was informed that Christ Fellowship had been discounted the whole $735, and she was sacked.

Be that as it may, when a companion saw her post he encouraged her to bring it down and said he'd contact Christ Fellowship straightforwardly to check whether they'd cure the circumstance.

While it's hard to argue the waitress didn't have a point, she still took some heat via Twitter for her Facebook complaint, as many defended the church which was unfairly being "raked over the coals" and slamming Outback for their poor response.

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"We take the order over the phone, we put the order together, take payment and then take order to the vehicle", Ms Yoder told the Palm Beach Post.

She was so upset over what happened that she went on Facebook and ranted about what had just happened.

"Just a few days before all this, she totaled her vehicle, was in the hospital due to blood clots in her lungs from birth control, and has to be out of her apartment.by March first", the page reads.

The congregation said that they had reached the eatery in the wake of hearing the grievance from Yoder's companion to see about getting a tip to her, and never planned for her to be fired. Instead, Tamlynn was sacked for breaking company policy that indicated employees aren't allowed to post about work on social media.

The minimum wage for tipped employees in Florida is $US5.23 ($NZ7.19) an hour.

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'Much obliged to all of you especially to express your worries, ' the congregation said in an announcement on Facebook. "From there, you either go up or go down based on service", she added.

"We are sorry to hear about this situation and our leaders have been notified about it".

Lonsberry went on to say that the person they sent to pick up the food didn't realise that a tip is customary on takeout orders.

She is, however, now having to look for a new job. She just lost her job and doesn't know how she'll pay rent or survive. Most people don't tip for carry-out.

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