New Rainbow Six Siege Operators Detailed Ahead Of Chimera Release


One of the biggest disparities from previous seasons is a shake-up of Operator roles, with both characters classified as attackers in competitive multiplayer. "Finka" is Russian for "Knife".

Finka is a medium speed and medium armor operator who has a variety of weapons at her disposal. Her primary weapons are the Spear.308, SASG-12, and 6P41, while she falls back on the PMM pistol and GSH-18 as secondaries. Lastly from the gadgets she can take with her are breaching charges or stun grenades. He uses it to detect movement in an area in order to determine if someone is breaking quarantine, curfew, or a perimeter. After activating the ability the enemy team is given a 3 second countdown warning them of the drones activation. Therefore, Six calls in some of the very best biohazard specialists now in operation within the world's elite national CTUs: Lion and Finka. The 417 Marksman rifle and SG-CQB also make a return for primary weapons, while the P9 pistol and LFP586 are offered as secondaries.

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Stevivor had the chance to play with the Chimera update and its a lot of fun which will inject an even more diverse selection of attacking opportunites into the game.

Today, Ubisoft revealed a short trailer showing off the two new operators coming in the next Rainbow Six: Siege DLC, namely Operation Chimera. According to a blog post from the company, Finka will have access to self-dissolving nanobots for a wide range of now undefined applications, while Lion will utilize a drone so as to maintain quarantine perimeters.

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Finka was chosen by Rainbow Six to help set up its CBRN unit; her first choice for recruitment was Olivier "Lion" Flament, a combat rescuer and biohazard expert with France's GIGN.

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