Android P announced by Google


The Android P Developer Preview one is now official and available to download for anyone that is looking to get their hands on the latest software from Google.

Of course, the final Android P release coming in Q3 2018 doesn't mean that that'll be when everyone gets the update. Hence, you have to manually flash Android P on your device. Messages that pop up can also include suggested ways to answer them from Google's Smart Reply feature.

The new multi-camera API allows users to access streams simultaneously from two or more cameras on the device. Google hasn't really detailed the consumer-facing new features of Android P just yet. If you're keen to get Google's latest operating system on your phone right now, here's what you need to know. These releases occasionally come out for supported Google devices, giving developers a heads-up on what changes to expect from a coming release.

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Additionally, there are major advancements to power saving, privacy (apps that are idle won't have default access to the microphone, camera or other sensors), more media support for images, music and videos and better backup encryption. Google said it's expanded and improved this API, adding support for nine new ops.

The company will share more details about Android P at Google I/O in May.

While the technology is still in its infancy, the expectation is that we'll soon be able to "Shazam" the world around us using our smartphone's camera.

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Google released the latest version of Android in the middle of previous year which was named as Android 8.0 Oreo. Google says app developers who want to test the Android P preview for their apps can now do so on Pixel devices. "If you have critical, immersive content, you can also use new APIs to check the cutout shape and request full-screen layout around it", Google explained on its website. So far we're calling it Android P, but it'll likely arrive as Android 9.0 P-named dessert in August or September.

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