Donald Trump: Sam Nunberg implicates POTUS in Russian Federation investigation


But by the time Tuesday morning rolled around, Nunberg was nowhere to be seen on the news shows.

Sam Nunberg [VIDEO], a former aide to the president, is very upset with special counsel#Robert Mueller, who has issued him with a grand jury summons and subpoenaed all his communication with members of the president's inner circle.

President Donald Trump reportedly asked his former chief of staff Reince Priebus if special counsel investigators had been "nice" during his interview, according to The New York Times, citing two people familiar with the conversation.

Donald Trump was the most "disloyal" person and lied about the infamous Trump Tower meeting, former aide Sam Nunberg said in a series of bombshell interviews.

"Donald Trump did not collude with the Russians".

"No, besides my meds", Nunberg said. "He was talking about it a week before". If he did that, I don't know.

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Nunberg, who aided Trump early in his campaign, said he also won't cooperate with handing over documents, repeatedly emphasizing the "ridiculous" amount of time it would take him to go over his emails.

"They didn't care that this guy is literally melting down on national television because they were using him as a tool to attack the Trump administration", said Sean.

"I think it would be amusing if they arrested me", he said live on the phone with MSNBC shortly after the Post story broke.

Axios spoke with an unnamed friend of Nunberg's who accused news anchors of "knowingly taking advantage of an obviously fragile man". Arrest me. You want to arrest me?

"You're sitting very close to me", she said.

Then later in the same interview, Nunberg was asked if he thinks prosecutors "have something on the president".

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"I'm going to end up cooperating with them", he told The Associated Press Monday evening.

Nunberg is a lawyer who has been admitted to the New York state bar after graduating from Touro Law Center on Long Island, New York.

"Why it matters: This is one of the reasons America hates the media", Allen and VandeHei wrote.

"Our entire industry lit itself on fire because a troubled Trump hanger-on made an ass of himself - live". Nader was in the meet with Trump and his associates as part of a celebration of the president's first year in office at Mars-a-Lago, the president's Florida getaway estate.

Media outlets devoured Nunberg's wild claims and lavished him with attention throughout Monday.

During the 17-minute interview, Nunberg called the investigation a "witch hunt", questioned what Mueller could do to him for refusing the subpoena, and, based on his interview with investigators, speculated that Mueller may have already collected incriminating information about Trump.

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Combined with such reported episodes as Mr. Trump's asking FBI Director James B. Comey for his loyalty and his public criticism of Attorney General Jeff Sessions for recusing himself from the Russian Federation probe, the conversations may sharpen or focus a case against Mr. Trump personally.