Amazon's Smart Speakers Are Laughing And Creeping Everyone Out


Amazon's Alexa randomly plays a "creepy laugh". Kimmel added that Alexa sometimes laughs just after he takes off his trousers.

Another change, as to not scare users if Alexa laughs again, is to change the device's response in the case of a false positive.

If you own an Amazon Echo, you are going to definitely want to see this video.

Amazon says they're looking into what causes this bug, but initial findings say Alexa may be mistakenly hearing the command to laugh which is "Alexa, laugh".

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After the video spread across the internet, Amazon issued a statement in which it called the problem a "technical glitch" that it fixed, so that Alexa would reply that she works for Amazon when asked about her ties to the Central Intelligence Agency. Instead users will have to resort to asking, "Alexa, can you laugh?"

This laugh sounds slightly sarcastic, as if the person laughing were trying to convey that they didn't really find whatever they'd just heard amusing.

Amazon says it has exorcised Alexa, and she will no longer burst out in creepy laughter, which had freaked out some owners of Echo devices.

The random laugh is different from the "teehee" laugh Alexa gives when asked if it can laugh.

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Amazon is trying to stop its Amazon Echos, powered by the Alexa voice-activated assistant, from suddenly laughing.

Amazon is also changing Alexa's response to that command: rather than have the assistant laugh right away, its cackling will be preceded by the sentence, "Sure, I can laugh".

Alexa competes in the digital assistant market with offerings from tech titans including Apple, Google, and Microsoft.

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