Luigi's Mansion 3DS remake is announced, launching this year


It was one of the few surprise 3DS games that Nintendo revealed during today's Direct presentation.

The 3DS version will be unique in that the game's minimap will be displayed on the bottom screen of the device, featuring a charming NES sprite representing Luigi. The original GameCube title came out in 2001, and 17 years later it will get ported to Nintendo's handheld. With that said, it doesn't look too different from the original. A mixture of 300 new and returning games will test your ability to adapt and use everything from the buttons to the tilt, touchscreen and microphone. A boss rush mode will also be included in the game.

Firefighters battle wildfires in Wabaunsee Co., dozens of other spots in Kansas
Trooper Tod Hileman with the Kansas Highway Patrol said a fire just north of Hays was creating zero visibility. The Kansas Army National Guard is providing aerial firefighting support for local firefighters.

Much like Superstar Saga, Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story is getting the 3DS remake treatment.

The original Luigi's Mansion - while not critically loved in its time - is a cult classic among Nintendo fans. As before the game follows the adventures of the titular duo as they explore Bowser's innards in 2D, while Bowser explores the overworld.

Google Duo App Gets Video Voicemail Support
If the contact which the user is trying to contact misses the call or declines it, a "Leave video message" tab will pop up. Google says that video messages are the opportunity to share your important events even if other person is not available.

It's out on 25th May.

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