'Never Again' - students leading the way for sane gun control


If you are a member of the 66 percent of rank- and-file members supporting common sense gun regulation to protect our children and public safety in general, there are three things you need to do right now to support the latest teenage victims' call to action.

The takeaway: Americans' support of gun laws is known to increase in the aftermath of a mass shooting, so these numbers may decrease as time (hopefully) passes without another incident. Just look at the NRA focus. "Well that's something that frankly the NRA and the NRA's allies have created".

Book also wanted a ban on assault-style rifles, like numerous students who traveled to the state Capitol, who asked lawmakers to do that and more to stop future mass shootings.

In addition, Dick's Sporting Goods announced it would stop selling assault-style rifles and high-capacity magazines in stores, and Walmart announced it would remove products "resembling assault-style rifles, including nonlethal airsoft guns and toys", from its website. Linda Stewart, D-Orlando sponsored an amendments that would have banned the "sale or transfer" of certain assault weapons. State law now makes it a misdemeanor to possess a gun on school grounds, whether that school is public or not.

A policy like that would pose logistical challenges, experts said. Instead of investing $400 million to make our schools an armed camp, the NAACP instead calls for Floridians to embrace sane gun laws and reforms that make our communities and schools safer.

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"Even more damning was their accusation in another post from February 22, where they claimed that Dana Loesch, representative of the organization, faced chants of "'burn her'" at a CNN town hall - only for no less than a survivor of the shooting to assert the contrary, supported by video evidence. He added that such a ban would likely be subject to legal challenges. It takes intent to turn a gun from an accidental discharge death into a mass shooting.

They were dissatisfied, generally speaking, with Trump's approach to resolving gun violence, and even more unhappy with Congress, which has failed to vote on a single piece of school safety legislation since the Parkland shooting. Here's what we found.

Those factors put Florida Democrats in a tough spot.

Perhaps we could just have a "well-regulated" use of guns in the United States and regulate guns out of schools. "It's a question of the state dedicating resources to a problem". The Founders wanted everyday Americans to be able to own guns in order to protect the state, not overthrow it.

As politicians consider how and whether to rein in guns, companies already are acting. They callously view mass shootings as inevitable.

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We at The Daily also find the extreme influence of the NRA in the political sphere another extensive barrier to preventing school shootings and gun violence. But what guns do accomplish is what they were manufactured for - to shoot things with a deadly projectile. While in the same time period government gun restriction has grown tighter with federal Second Amendment restrictions in the form of the Gun Control Act of 1968, the Brady Bill, Gun-Free School Zones Act, to name a few.

The Parkland shooting has cast long shadows over schools across the country.

Did the Columbine shooters belong to "a well regulated militia"? If the president and Congress can't come up with a better solution we have some pretty incompetent people in Washington, D.C., that shouldn't be there.

But the majority of the public favors sensible gun laws - expressing all but universal support, for example, for comprehensive background checks.

Even if new laws aren't the answer, Schildkraut said, "Our job in society is to make (mass shootings) more hard, not to make (them) easier".

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