Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visits Hamilton to defend steel industry


I bet you'd prefer your kids take the new jobs, not jobs in often risky, physically demanding factories. But they destroyed 200,000 other jobs. "It doesn't hurt us, so we'll see what happens". "We see the economy growing and I want to be very careful about having an impact on that".

A federal government source with knowledge of the trade file said, however, that if the US does impose the tariffs, Canada's reaction will be swift, and suggested a list of targeted actions is being considered.

On the other hand, the most powerful pro-trade advocate in the White House is quitting.

In Lighthizer's view, negotiators have made only minimal progress on the most divisive issue, auto manufacturing.

He's naively tried to make gender equality a condition during NAFTA negotiations and made hollow threats to "walk away" if he doesn't get his way.

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Canada is the top exporter of both steel and aluminum to the U.S. Although Trump has framed his tariffs as a response to unfair Chinese dumping of cheap steel, China ranks 11th on the U.S. list.

Congressional mid-terms this fall could also create a different American political situation that may rejig negotiating priorities or the outcome of Congress's requisite approval of a new deal. "Much as he's verbally assaulted NAFTA, Trump may be merely setting a bargaining position, to be undone when he feels America's position is stronger".

Trudeau, who was last in Hamilton in January when he held a town hall meeting at McMaster University, has stated he has attempted to persuade U.S. President Donald Trump from imposing tariffs on Canada.

The GOP leadership gave voice to the biggest concern about where Trump's actions will lead.

The Canadian Federation of Agriculture president and Bruce Mines beef farmer, who as an adviser to Canadian NAFTA negotiators has been virtually on the front lines of what have often been frosty talks, said he indeed fears the "beginning of sort of a tit-for-tat trade war". We need steel and we need aluminium.

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The EU and China are hinting they will retaliate. Canada voiced displeasure and demanded an exemption from these tariffs. "That doesn't, and shouldn't, sit well with exporters from countries that have done nothing wrong".

Clearly, damage has already been done to USA interests.

Speaking to German television, he suggested the European Union would retaliate by slapping tariffs on Harley-Davidson motorcycles, bourbon and Levi's jeans.

The stated reason for the hurry now is simple: It's the US argument that political events beyond the spring could make it harder to finish a deal and get final ratification votes. During a read-out of the conversation from Justin Trudeau's office, it was said that "The prime minister also registered his serious concern about the US administration's proposed tariffs on steel and aluminum". That protected 1,000 jobs but destroyed 200,000 others. It could retaliate with only $689 million in levies on US imports. Customs duties provided 58 percent of revenue. "Industrial production rose nearly 5 percent a year".

As well, tax changes have the potential to change the way Canadian companies structure global businesses and how they do business in the United States. In the meantime, the broader argument about the wisdom of higher tariffs will continue to play out.

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What is Donald Trump's trade policy?