Mysterious 'Disease X' Could Be The Next Deadly Global Epidemic, WHO Warns


World Health Organization medics understand so little about the deadly pathogen they have named it Disease X - but they are so anxious they have added it to a shortlist of extremely deadly illnesses capable of wiping out humanity.

More importantly, this list of diseases are ones to avoid.

As noted by the New York Post, Disease X can be deliberately released as a biological weapon.

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The goal of adding Disease X is not to scare people, but to ensure that the global health officials build the resilience and are prepared for all threads, not just the predictable ones. Its aim is to fast-track the availability of effective tests, vaccines, and medicines that can be used to save lives and avert large scale crisis. And the creation previous year in Canada of horsepox - a close relative of the deadly smallpox virus - has heightened fears that Disease X could come out of a renegade laboratory.

This was the third time an advisory group of specialists in infections and bacteria was assembled to think about potential plagues and pandemics.

During the recent meeting which was held in Geneva, the World Health Organization added Disease X into their Blueprint Disease list as the 9 decease that may cause a worldwide outbreak.

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A number of additional diseases were discussed and considered for inclusion in the priority list, including: Arenaviral hemorrhagic fevers other than Lassa Fever; Chikungunya; highly pathogenic coronaviral diseases other than MERS and SARS; emergent non-polio enteroviruses (including EV71, D68); Severe Fever with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome (SFTS); Monkeypox and Leptospirosis.

"These diseases pose major public health risks and further research and development is needed, including surveillance and diagnostics", WHO said.

The Blueprint list is maintained for the objective of research and development where World Health Organization has developed a special tool to determine which diseases require immediate attention on research and development. Using a published prioritization methodology, this list was first reviewed in January 2017. The diseases on the WHO list pose a public health risk because of "their epidemic potential" as well as the "insufficient" countermeasures, according to the WHO. Others on the list include Ebola, Zika and Lassa fever. The possibility was not excluded that, in the future, a resistant pathogen might emerge and appropriately be prioritized.

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