President Trump to meet with aluminum, steel execs


"I'm not even - I haven't put a second of thought into this", Ryan said, a look of frustration visible on his face.

The president was surrounded by steel and aluminum workers as he explained his decision at a White House ceremony.

Johnson warned that Trump's tariffs could result in "retaliatory actions" from US trading partners while injecting "uncertainty" into an economy that had been booming during Trump's presidency and benefiting from the tax cuts included in the chief executive's tax reform law, approved last December. According to economic analysts, some of the communities that would be hardest hit by a trade standoff could be the same ones the president says he's aiming to help. The agreement was negotiated by Democratic President Barack Obama's administration, but had broad support from GOP leaders who have long backed multilateral free trade pacts. But Trump has made virtually no effort to show that his tariffs on steel and aluminum are directly related to national security concerns.

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Now, it's important to realize that the USA trade deficit isn't necessarily a bad thing. But the issue of tariffs has sparked the Wisconsin Republican's strongest criticism of the president's policies.

Even before entering politics, Trump the businessman and real estate developer railed against what he viewed as unfair trade practices that left the US economy and American workers vulnerable.

Republican Ben Sasse of Nebraska said the on the verge of a "stupid trade war". She also shared similar fears the other Wisconsin Congressional members expressed. He has urged Republican lawmakers to stay focused on reminding voters about the tax cuts rather than White House policy surprises and scandals.

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"I actually think there is a better and more effective way to address unfair trade practices", began republican House Speaker Paul Ryan, "and that is to go after those practices specifically".

Of course, being successful in the midterms may also be hard for the GOP if the imposition of tariffs ignites a trade war that damages the economy.

Flake called the tariffs "a marriage of two lethal poisons to economic growth - protectionism and uncertainty", and promised to draft legislation to nullify them.

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