Trump Peeved at Sarah Sanders for Stormy Daniels Comments


Cohen, who says he used personal funds through a home equity loan to "facilitate" the payment, has denied that the money came from the Trump Organization or the Trump campaign, leaving open the possibility that it came from Trump himself.

While the notoriety has put a bigger spotlight on Clifford's career, she said, the attention also has its downsides.

"POTUS is very unhappy", the source told CNN.

"I'm getting more dance bookings".

Ethiopia, Russia to set up joint nuclear technology center
Mnangagwa is desperate to attract foreign investors to kickstart the economy and has promised reforms to safeguard investments. That prompted a response from Lavrov, who insisted during a stop in Zimbabwe that Moscow did in fact want to meet.

"I've been in the adult business for 17 years, so to make it that long in that business you have to have a really tough skin, and so most of it rolls off my shoulders because it's an opinion", she said.

"What this essentially says that if she violates it, she owes $1 million for every episode that she goes out and speaks in violation of the confidentiality", the CNN host said. "We have to protect & build our Steel and Aluminum Industries while at the same time showing great flexibility and cooperation toward those that are real friends and treat us fairly on both trade and the military".

Her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, said he believes it's proof that Cohen was acting in a professional capacity as Trump's attorney in the negotiations.

Sanders raised eyebrows Wednesday during her daily White house briefing when she said that Trump won an arbitration case against Daniels. Earlier this week, Trump's longtime attorney Michael Cohen brought Trump into the fold when it was reported that Cohen had complained about Trump not paying him back after making the $130,000 payment to Daniels. I think she has a near impossible job ...

Kathy Griffin embarking on comeback tour after controversial Trump photo
Griffin was scheduled to appear on Jimmy Kimmel's program as well this week, but canceled due to scheduling conflicts. Unable to tour in the United States, Griffin went overseas, performing in 23 cities in 15 countries, she said.

He then claimed that it would have been impossible for Cohen to undertake the extensive work of a non-disclosure agreement without the consultation or authorization of Trump.

"This case has already been won in arbitration and anything beyond that I would refer you to the President's outside counsel", Sanders added.

"The fact is: She took the money, and she cashed the check", he said.

NASA Releases New Images Of Gas Giant Jupiter
A feature such as it is something that is like nothing else that has been observed so far in the solar system. The finding is important to understand the structure, core mass, nature and eventually the origin of Jupiter.