Will Android Wear Soon be Rebranded as Wear OS?


I'm guessing Google will formally introduce Wear OS this coming May at Google I/O, and while I don't anticipate any hardware announcements at that time, I'm hoping and praying for a Pixel Watch this October alongside the Pixel 3.

Google has said that you can now access streams simultaneously from two or more physical cameras on devices running Android P. On devices with either dual-front or dual-back cameras, you can create innovative features not possible with just a single camera, such as seamless zoom, bokeh, and stereo vision. The design is based around a "W" character decorated with the Google colours.

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Google is widely known to customise and tweak its UI in Android and in its suite of apps very often. There's that confusion that Android Wear devices are specific to Android, yet this isn't true. In the post, it is clearly visible that a user received a pairing notification with Wear OS name and Google Assistant-like logo, instead of the regular name- Android Wear. There are also instructions to "open the Wear OS app on your phone".

There has been no official word from Google on the new name.

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READ NEXT:Nordstrom purchases two startups in push into retail tech The Android Wear naming could also confuse consumers as it appears to imply a direct connection to Android. It seems unlikely that Google will name their product the same as that of a rival company, especially when it sounds exactly the same. The company could be planning a reinvigorated push into the wearables market, spearheaded by a new platform name that stands distinguished from the company's other software. That's obviously not to be confused with watchOS which is Apple's iteration of its mobile platform for its smartwatch.

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