Apple Maps just added bike-sharing data for 175 cities


For instance, the two shared bikes I see most in my San Francisco neighborhood are Ford Go Bikes and Jump bikes, but Apple Maps lists only Ford Go Bike locations.

Ito World has helped out with so many companies to license and normalize bike-sharing data.

Apple is adding more features to Apple Maps in order to get the attention of audience who are more tilted towards Google Maps.

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Apple has announced that Maps will now allow users in Montreal and Hamilton to search for bike sharing stations.

"Those in Montreal using the BIXI bike sharing service can type "bike sharing" or BIXI" in the search bar to locate the nearest BIXI station. This feature is now live and encompasses data from over 179 cities with a total of 176 services. Let's be honest, bike sharing isn't equivalent to the Mario Kart skin Google rolled out to Google Maps for MAR10 Day, but it's a good start.

As reported by TechCrunch, Apple was able to seamlessly include information for many bike sharing services by integrating the data from Ito World, instead of doing the work on its own.

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Currently, one evident use of Apple Maps is if you are traveling to a different city and want to avail a bike-sharing service. The app previously contained limited information on bike-sharing services in a handful of cities.

Apple Maps will now tell users whether they can expect to find bikes available at a certain address or intersection.

Apple has pushed-out an update to its Google Maps rival.

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