First 'Hearthstone' expansion of 2018 delves into 'The Witchwood'


As the Hearthstone team promised while outlining the 2018 schedule, The Witchwood will come with its own single-player content: Monster Hunt. As a bonus, for pre-purchasing the expansion, you will get 50+20 packs and a new "In a Dark Wood" card back! Press and members of the community will begin revealing cards starting the same day!

The Echo keyword, when shown in a card allows you to add a spectral copy of this card to your hand until the end of your turn, which can be played any number of times if you have the mana for it.

Curious players can keep up with the now announced cards here.

We've gotten a look at six cards so far, and they introduce three new abilities.

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The expansion will also add a new Monster Hunt mode to the action, similar to Kobolds & Catacombs' Dungeon Run, that challenges players with a series of eight increasingly hard encounters leading into a big boss fight. "Monster Hunt will release two weeks after The Witchwood launches". The citizens of this proud kingdom, who can shapeshift into ferocious wolf-beasts known as worgen, are bringing the fight to The Witchwood with tooth and claw-and soon, Hearthstone players will join the pack and help them face down the horrors within.

The "Start of Game" mechanic, as the revealed cards indicate, will be activated based to the mana cost of the cards in your deck (whether they are all odd or even numbered) and if the terms are met a specific effect will be activated.

"Echo cards can be played multiple times on the turn you play them".

Rush: a weaker version of Charge, the minion can attack the turn it is summoned, however only other minions.

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For those that have been waiting for a new mode, you'll be getting it with Witchwood as well.

A new free Monster Hunt single player mode, simiar to Kobolds & Catacombs' Dungeon Run, which will challenge players to eight continuous hard battles, leading into a big boss fight.

Coming in April to PC and Mac; Windows, iOS, and Android tablets; and mobile phones, The Witchwood card packs will be winnable in Hearthstone's Arena mode, and players can purchase them with in-game gold or real money at the same prices as Hearthstone's other card packs.

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